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Ditch the extra weight, slosh, and bottle on your run.

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Hydration Built Into Your Shirt

The Hydroshirt™ by Vessel Athletics is the first hydration shirt that allows runners to seamlessly carry water on runs without the extra weight, slosh & bottle. 

How are we better? 

3x LIGHTER than a backpack

  • Lightweight fabric
  • 1L removable hydration pack

No Need to Hold a Water Bottle

  • Push-button bite valve straw
  • Magnet clip to keep your straw in place

Annoying Water Slosh, Be Gone!

  • Adjustable and attached elastic harness to create stability 
  • Lumbar reservoir design for even water distribution
  • Insulated pouch to keep your liquids cool

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To make sure we create the best hydration solution that suits YOUR needs, we are looking for runners of all shapes, sizes, and levels to be a tester!

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