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Revolutionizing how runners rehydrate...

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An adjustable elastic strap sewn into the shirt stabilizes the hydration pack movement and our reservoir design evenly distributes your water, providing a slosh-free experience.

Our removable hydration pack allows for on-the-go hydration without the need to hold a bottle in your hand during your run!  



Our lightweight fabric and 1L hydration pack makes our product 3x lighter than a CamelBak.

How are we different?

Made for runners, by runners.

Vessel Athletics is creating the world’s first Hydroshirt®, a patent-pending activewear shirt that holds a removable hydration pack.

We help runners compete at the best of their ability by providing them with a seamless and on-the-go hydration solution. Our Hydroshirt design includes the key benefits of what a runner looks for in a product; a lightweight, slosh-resistant, and hands-free way to hydrate. 

By reinventing how runners hydrate, our mission is to help you reach new heights and achieve peak performance. #TrainHydrated

Jasmine Sanchez 

CEO & Founder

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