A Runner's Complete Guide to Proper Hydration!

Understand YOUR Hydration Needs. Fight Fatigue. Improve Performance. 

Dehydration among runners is common and can affect your performance, lead to slow recovery and even serious health issues. In a world of 'one-size-fits-all' hydration guides, we recognize that we are not 'one-size-fits-all' runners. Everything from outside temperature, terrain, individual sweat rate, & beyond can affect the amount of water you should be drinking.

But don’t worry! This guide simplifies the hydration education process and ensures that by the last page, you'll be equipped to create YOUR OWN hydration plan based on YOUR needs to help you stay healthy and maximize your performance. Let's get started!


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What You'll Get...

Easy Formula to Calculate Sweat Rate

Clear Direction on Determining YOUR Hydration Needs

Research-Backed Methods

Tips for Runners of ALL Levels

Electrolytes Advice

How to Recognize the Effects of Dehydration

Hydration Journal Template to Track Results

Straight-Forward, Individualized Approach to Building Your Plan

Methods to Start Running Hydrated, Improve Performance and Overall Health

"I absolutely LOVE the Hydration Ebook! As a Running Coach and business owner it is a great tool for clients who are struggling with hydration! The Ebook has an incredible amount of resources to not only teach athletes HOW to manage and track hydration, but also educate on WHY it's important to do so as a runner and athlete! I am so grateful that there is a resource out there that puts intentional and important hydration information together!"

– Whitney Miller, Owner & Founder, Transcend Health & Wellness, RRCA Running Coach, Certified Strength & Life Coach

About the Author

Jasmine Sanchez

My name is Jasmine Sanchez. I’m a self-proclaimed 'Hydration Education’ expert, founder and CEO of Vessel Athletics, and the creator of the Hydroshirt™. As a long-time runner, I had a hard time figuring out how to stay hydrated on runs and in turn, struggled to improve my running. Most information online was very generic and none of the wearable hydration products worked well for me. I quickly learned that many runners shared similar struggles when it came to carrying water, while others completely neglected a hydration strategy and didn’t hydrate at all. So I set out to create a more comfortable way to hydrate on-the-go, making it easier for runners of all levels to learn about the hydration basics and its importance to performance.

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